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I*D1SA Football
Frequently Asked Questions


Q: About D1SA Football
A: D1SA Football is a member club of FCYFL (Fairfax County Youth Football League), which is comprised of more than 22 clubs, 380 teams, 7,200 players and 1,200 coaches from 4 counties in Northern Virginia.  It is the only youth tackle program in Loudoun County structured to establish various levels of competition based upon a player’s ability, age (7 -16), and weight.  We also have mandatory player participation rules where each player must have a starting position and play the entire game at the National and Central skill divisions.  We believe this format gives youth, that are at different stages of skill and physical development,  the best opportunity to participate, learn, and enjoy the great sport of Football and the values it instills.

Q:  When will registration open?
A:  Registration opens March st each year.

Q. When does practice begin?
A. Practices typically start the 1st week full week of August.  Practices are 5 days a week plus a possible scrimmage on the weekend for the first 4 weeks.  Once school starts, practices are 3 days a week plus games.

Q.  Who is eligible to register in D1SA?
A.   Registration is open to all of Loudoun County. You must be 7 years old as of October 1st & no older than 16 as of October 1st.  Note that weight division placement is based on BOTH age and weight. The age/weight matrix below will detail who is eligible and which weight division they will play in.  FCYFL implements strict weigh-in processes to determine age, weight, and address verification.

Q.  What type of I.D. do I need?
A.  For offical league weigh-in, the players MUST have an official DMV Child's ID (aka walker's ID) with current resident address.  They are mailed to you, so don't wait to last minute.  No other form of ID is accepted.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum weight?
A. Yes and Yes.  There is a minimum weight of 40lbs for the Anklebiter weight class ONLY.  No other weight classes have a minimum weight.  For maximum weights per weight class, please see next FAQ on age/weight matrix.

Q. What is the age/weight matrix?
A. Your player's playing age is determined based on their age as of Oct 1st. For example, if your player is 11 years old on Oct 1. and weighs 90lbs, they would play in the 90lb division.  This player is above the 80lb limit for 11 year olds in the 80lb weight class and under the limit of 95lbs for the 90lb weight class.



AGE on Oct. 1

Weight Class





































































































* Unlimited players are not eligible to play in a position that normally handles the ball unless they are at or below the listed maximum ball carrier weight (the weight limit listed next to "Unlimited/" on the chart above). Positions excluded for unlimited players exceeding the maximum ballcarrier limit include all offensive backfield positions, all eligible receivers and tight end positions, and any position not on the first line of a special teams formation. Exceptions include the offensive positions of center, punter, and placekicker.
** 15 year olds that turn 16 on or before December 31st must play 155lbs.
*** 16 year olds that turn 17 on or before December 31st are not eligible to play.

Q. When is the official weigh-in?
A.  The 1st weigh-in of the season will be August 12th, with subsequent weigh-ins on August 19th, August 26th, September 2nd.

Q. What if my player doesn't fit into the age/weight matrix?
A.  Players that do not fit into our age/weight matrix have 2 options.  You can either try to lose some weight by the one of the weigh in dates, they only have to make weight once during the season (this a family and medical issue, we recommend you check with your doctor) or we can refer you to a league with no weight restrictions.  Please contact and we can help .

Q.  Is a medical physical required to play?
A.  No, there is no requirement for a medical physical to play for D1SA or in the FCYFL league, however we do recommend your child recieves a medical evaluation before full tackle practices begin.

Q. What is the refund policy
A.  Check the football program document for the official policy.

Q.  What days of the week are the games played?
A.  The majority of our games are played on Saturdays, however, some are on Sundays, Friday nights and occasionally another weekday night.  So your games can be on any day.  Please see the program document for more information.

Q. What times do the practices start and end?
A.  Practices generally run from 5:45 to 8:00PM.  Once it begins to get dark earlier, they begin earlier.  This may also vary depending on a coaches schedule.

Q. Where are practices?
A.  Practices are all held in the Ashburn/Sterling area. Locations could vary each year due to Loudoun PRCS allocation process.

Q. Where are GAMES played?
A.  Home games are usually at Rock Ridge HS or Park View HS.  FCYFL has 22 member clubs from all over the NoVA region and our away games  could be in Arlington, Alexandria, Gaineville, Manassas or anywhere in Fairfax County.  When scheduling weekly match-ups, FCYFL tries to look at convenient geographical scheduling, but the availability of facilities (lighted) or lack of lighted fields significantly impacts this process.
Q.  How will I contact my child's coach?
A.  Coaches will provide contact information, and their information will also be listed on the website but teams are not selected until after evaluation week.

Q.  When is the equipment issue date?
A. There will be two equipment issue dates toward the end of July.  Further information will be provided to registered participants.

Q. Do I have to bring my child to the equipment issue day?
A.  Yes, bring your child.  No equipment will be issued without the player present.  No parents will be allowed in the equipment issue areas, so bring a book or newspaper as each child will take approximately 30 minutes to fit properly.

Q. What Equipment is provided and what do I need to purchase?
A. Included Equipment: Helmet, Chin strap, Shoulder pads, Game Jersey, Game socks, Pants and Pads
You need to purchase: Athletic supporter and cup (optional), Practice jersey, Mouth Piece, Cleats, Water bottle.

Q. How are the teams created/selected?
A.  All Anklebiter teams are drafted in order to create equal teams.  Most other weight classes split into 1 American Division Team (most experienced players), 1 or 2 Central Division Teams (less experienced players) and 1, 2 or 3 National Division Teams (beginners). We follow the Fairfax County rules regarding placement of teams, which is determined by the number of players in each weight class. (Ex: 3 teams 1 American & 2 National Teams, 4 teams 1 American, 1 Central & 2 National Teams). Teams are split after the first week of practice or in the first few days of the 2nd week of practice.

Note: If your child is one of the younger or smaller players at any weight class they will "most likely" play  in the Central or National conference. It is based on ability and this usually sorts itself out after the first few nights of contact practices.

Q.  What if we have a vacation planned during the first week of practice?
A.  If your child is not present during the first week or evaluation period (first practice week), they will be evaluated as quickly as possible upon your return.  However, they fall behind quickly if they miss an extended period of time. Players are required to have at least 3 days of non-contact practice prior to contact and 5 days of practice before they can be drafted.  It is highly encouraged for them to be present during the month of August.  Remember next year when planning vacations, football practice always starts the first week of August.