What is D1SA?

D1SA is a Leesburg/Ashburn based nonprofit organization that offers basketball, football, and cheerleading.  The mascot name is the Spartans.

Website: http://www.d1spartansfootball.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/D1SAFootball/

Instagram: d1saspartans

League Email Address: GMAIL.COM


How does the Age/Weight Matrix work?

D1SA follows an age & weight matrix (please see table below), which basically ensures that older kids on the team are held to lighter weight maximums. 


-Players above 70 pounds in Anklebiters (AB) and ”Unlimited” players in all other Weight Classes are prohibited from playing in a position that normally handles the ball.

-For the 2020 season, D1SA expects to field teams in the AB, 80, 90, 100, and 115 pound Weight Classes.


When does registration open and close?

Registration for the Fall 2020 season opened in the February/March timeframe.  Please check the D1 Spartans Football website for the cut-off dates for Early Bird and Regular registrations.  Here is the registration link: http://www.d1spartansfootball.org/Registration/Default.asp?n=128613&org=d1safootball


What are the fees to play on this team?

The 2020 registration fee is $399.  There are discounts for early bird registration, active military, multiple children enrolled, etc.  Please see the D1 Spartans Football website (http://www.d1spartansfootball.org/) for the details.


Is there a player participation rule?

In addition to the Age & Weight Matrix, the League will field teams in one or more developmental Divisions*, which are the “National”, “Central,” and “American” Divisions.  For the “National” and “Central” Divisions, each player has to start and play the entire game on at least one side of the ball.  For example, if there are 17 kids on the team and let’s say 5 kids play both ways, of the remaining 12 kids, 6 would play offense and the other 6 would play defense.  In the “American” Division, which is the most competitive Division, the player participation rule requires each player to play a reasonable share of the game.

*There is only one Division in AB.


If the season is cancelled due to COVID, will the League offer refunds for registration fees?

If this were to happen, the League plans on offering several options regarding the treatment of registration fees: full refund (less a small administrative fee), participation in an alternate program, donate to the League, or roll-over the registration fees to next year.


Will a Team Management Application be used to facilitate communication?

This is up to each Head Coach.  Several coaches use team management applications (such as TeamSnap) to provide a parent/guardian communication platform for news, calendar, contact Information, etc.


Can you summarize the equipment/gear that is provided by the League, what parents are required to purchase additionally, and some optional items to consider?

Here is a summary of the equipment/gear that is provided by the League, what parents are required to purchase additionally, and some optional items to consider:

  1. Registration Fee includes:
    1. Rental of helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, 2 game uniforms, and a travel bag.
    2. One branded practice shell (a t-shirt and a pair of shorts) to keep.
  2.  The League may offer players a custom game jersey to keep for an additional fee.  This is TBD.
  3. Here is the additional equipment/gear that parents are Required to purchase/obtain that is not covered by the Registration Fee
    1. Youth Mouthpiece - Please consider buying a few for the season.   It is preferred for the color to be Black or Graphite. Here is a recommendation for a cost effective mouthpiece: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000K4U6AU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_37GeffYQOwLQA
    2. Football Cleats (no metal spikes) -  it is preferred for the color to be Black or Graphite.
    3. Integrated football practice pants - Color: must be Black. Here is a link to a recommended pair (you can purchase another make/model if you would like) of Integrated Football Practice Pants.  Please order a pair for your athlete as soon as possible. 
      1. https://football.epicsports.com/prod/135873/index.html, Russell 7-Piece Pad Integrated Football Pants, Item #: E135873
    4. Water bottle.  Due to COVID Miitgation, unless specified otherwise, each player has to bring his own water/sports drinks to each practice and game (D1SA will not be providing any fluids this season).
  4. Here are some Optional items you may want to consider
    1. Compression shorts to wear under football pants (per League rules, a cup is strongly recommended)
    2. If you wear any gloves or protective pads, it is preferred for the color to be Black or Graphite.  Please note arm or leg bands are prohibited (wrist coaches are allowed).
    3. If you want to purchase a visor, it must be Clear (no tint)
    4. Some parents are interested in purchasing a helmet and/or shoulder pads.  This is allowed so long as the equipment you purchase meets the applicable safety specifications that the League requires.  Helmets must be Matte Black with Black facemasks.  Please contact your Head Coach or League Representative before purchasing your own helmet or shoulder pads.

 Is a Physical Consent Form required?

A physical consent form is not required, however, parents/guardians are encouraged to have a doctor examine their athletes before the season and clear them to play.


Is a Virginia DMV Child ID Card (Walker ID) required?

Yes, each D1SA Football Player needs A DMV - Child ID Card (Walker ID).  This is to preserve the rules around home address and age to prevent kids from sneaking into leagues for which they do not qualify.  The Walker IDs need to be shown at the weigh-in.


As of mid-June 2020, appointment availability at VA DMV is limited due to COVID, but we have been seeing some appointments opening up on the VA DMV site at the Leesburg location @   https://www.dmv.virginia.gov/onlineservices/appointments.aspx.


Please check the site frequently and book your appointments.  When you click the link above:

-Select “Transactions”

-Select the location from the “Visit a DMV Customer Service Center” drop down

-Click “Make An Appointment”

-Then Click “Driver's License and Identification Card Services”

-Then Click "Driver's License/CDL/ID Card: Original Issuance-For customers who don't require testing"

-The DMV appointment calendar will then load and will display any available appointment slots.  Proceed accordingly to book an appointment.


In advance of your appointment, please make sure you read on the DMV website the requirements for what is needed and bring all necessary documentation with you to the appointment.


Please note DMV told one of our parents that if you have multiple children who need Walker IDs, DMV expects you to make one appointment for each child.  DMV also indicated to this parent that the Walker ID card should arrive in about 10 days. 


When are the weigh-ins?

For this season, the League is expecting two weigh-ins prior to Game 1.  Each player gets to pick from the available dates and attends only one weigh-in.  The weight at the weigh-in (along with the player’s age as of October 1) will dictate the Weight Class to which he maps for the season.  There are no League wide re-weighs during the season, however, at no time during the regular season may a player exceed the maximum weight gain (5 pounds for AB, 10 pounds for 80 & 90 Weight Classes, and 15 pounds for all other Weight Classes) over the allowable initial weight.


Is there an Equipment Pre-Fit before the official equipment issuance day?

Yes, the League has requested for Pre-Fits to be completed.  Your coach/weight-class representative should have communicated the Pre-Fit deadline and logistics.  The Pre-Fit is for helmets, shoulder pads, and uniforms to help the League plan for the sizes that will be needed come equipment issuance day. 


Where are the practice and home games sites this season?

The optional Summer workouts will be at Cedar Lane Elementary School.  The League has requested practice sites at Rock Ridge, Independence, and Heritage High Schools.  The League has requested the home game site to be Independence High School.  We are waiting to hear back from Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Services (PRCS) on confirmed practice and home game sites.


Once school starts how many practices per week and how long are practices?

Your Head Coach will be sharing this information with you.


Where and against which teams will we play our games?

D1SA plays in the Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL) system, which is comprised of football clubs primarily from Fairfax County as well as some clubs from Loudoun County and other nearby areas.  The regular season is expected to be 8 games.  4 games will be home games.  The other games will be away games.  There are several participating clubs that play in this system. Away game sites are, for example, as close as Reston/South Riding and no farther than Gainesville/Manassas.  If teams qualify, there are post-season/playoff games.


Are athletic trainers at games and practices?

League rules require athletic trainers on site for all games. There is a USA football certified player safety coach at practice sites.


Are there optional Summer conditioning opportunities for registered players?

Once the League obtains a field assignment from PRCS, optional Summer Conditioning will begin.  The League will be sharing COVID Mitigation requirements.  Your Head Coach or a League representative will be providing additional information such as dates, time, etc.


Are dates/times and overall League plans subject to change due to COVID Mitigation?

Yes, please review the League website often and stay current on the information shared by your coach/League representative as due to COVID Mitigation, items are subject to change.

When will registration open?
Registration opens in February each year.

When does practice begin?
Practices typically start the 1st week full week of August. Summer practices are 5 days a week plus scrimmages on the weekend for the first 4 weeks. Once school starts, practices are 3 days a week plus games on Sayturday,. The first game of the season is the first Saturday after Labor Day.


Who is eligible to register in D1SA?
Registration is open to all of Loudoun County. You must be atleast 7 years old on October 1st & no older than 16 as of October 1st. Note that weight division placement is based on BOTH age and weight. The age/weight matrix below will detail who is eligible and which weight division they will play in. FCYFL implements strict weigh-in processes to determine age, weight, and address verification.


When is the official weigh-in?
The 1st weigh-in of the season will be the first Saturday of August, with subsequent weigh-ins every Saturday in August. Players must weigh-in to qualify to play in a certain weight class, and must make weight 1 time.

What days of the week are the games played?
The majority of our games are played on Saturdays, however, however we could have a game on Sunday, or on a weeknight due to schedule conflicts or field availability. (This is rare). Regular season scedules will be relaesed in early September.


What times do the practices start and end?
Practices generally run from 5:45 to 8:00PM.  Once it begins to get dark earlier, they begin earlier.  This may also vary depending on schedules and field availability.


Where are practices?
 Practices are all held in the Ashburn/Leesburg hrea. Locations could vary each year due to Loudoun PRCS allocation process.
How will I contact my child's coach?
Coaches will provide contact information, and their information will also be listed on the website but teams are not selected until after evaluation week.

How are the teams created/selected?

All Anklebiter teams are drafted in order to create equal teams.  Most other weight classes split into 1 American Division Team (most experienced players), 1 or 2 Central Division Teams (less experienced players) and 1, 2 or 3 National Division Teams (beginners). We follow the Fairfax County rules regarding placement of teams, which is determined by the number of players in each weight class. (Ex: 3 teams 1 American & 2 National Teams, 4 teams 1 American, 1 Central & 2 National Teams). Teams are split after the first week of practice or in the first few days of the 2nd week of practice.

What if we have a vacation planned during the first week of practice?
If your child is not present during the first week or evaluation period (first practice week), they will be evaluated as quickly as possible upon your return.  However, they fall behind quickly if they miss an extended period of time. Players are required to have at least 3 days of non-contact practice prior to contact and 5 days of practice before they can be drafted.  It is highly encouraged for them to be present during the month of August.  Remember next year when planning vacations, football practice always starts the first week of August.



Please contact your Head Coach or the League ( GMAIL.COM) if you have any additional questions.