SFLSpring 2021



1 - Can you explain the difference between the Skills Academy and Spartans Flag League (SFL)?

The Skills Academy and the SFL are two completely separate programs.  Athletes can do one or both, it’s up to them.  SFL games for all age divisions are on Sundays late afternoon/evenings beginning April 11.  Skills Academy is on Saturdays beginning April 10 for 8U and 10U and Wednesday evenings beginning April 14 for 12U and 14U.   


2 - How do I register for the SFL?

Here is the registration link: https://www.leagueathletics.com/Registration/Default.asp?org=d1spartansfootball.org


3 - When and where are the SFL games?


The location is Heritage High School, Leesburg, VA.  Games are played in the late afternoon/early evening on the following days:


4/11/2021         SFL Week 1

4/18/2021         SFL Week 2

4/25/2021         SFL Week 3

5/2/2021           SFL Week 4

5/8/2021           SFL Make-up Day if needed

5/9/2021           MOTHERS DAY-NO GAMES

5/16/2021         SFL Week 5

5/23/2021         SFL Week 6


6/5/2021           SFL Make-up Day if needed

6/6/2021           SFL Week 7 (Playoffs & Championships)


4 - Are parents expected to volunteer on SFL game days? 

Yes, parents are expected to volunteer on SFL game days unless they opted-out of volunteering by paying an additional fee.  The volunteering population will be contacted with sign-up opportunities.


5 - What age groups are allowed to play in the SFL:

We have the following aged based divisions available (age is as of 1/1/2021):


10U (9 & 10 year olds)

12U (11 and 12 year olds)

14U (13 and 14 year olds)


6 - How often do teams practice and how long do they last?

Practices are optional at the discretion of the coach.  Typically, coaches schedule practice once per week for 60-90 minutes and/or meet up before the game time on game days.


7 - Are jerseys and flags included in the registration fee?

Yes they are. The only items you will need to purchase, if you do not already have them, are mouth guards, shorts with no pockets, and cleats. 


8 - Is there a player assessment and draft?

There will be a player assessment (combine) in March on March 7 and 14.  Athletes need to attend just one.  The coaches will leverage the results of the combine in the draft.  Details regarding these assessments will be sent as we get closer to the combine dates.


9 - Are external teams welcome to play in the SFL?

Yes, external teams are welcome.  Athletes playing on external teams do not need to attend the combine and will not be part of the draft.  If you are interested in registering an external team, please contact us at carm.caruso@d1spartansfootball.org or d1spartansfootball@gmail.com


10 - Do you have spots open for Coaches?

If you are interested in coaching a team, please contact us to discuss further at carm.caruso@d1spartansfootball.org or d1spartansfootball@gmail.com


11 - How will coaches communicate with parents?

We offer TeamSnap to all of our coaches so they can use it to communicate with parents.  They should be using TeamSnap or something reasonably equivalent.


12 - Where do I go with additional questions?

You can contact Joe Magliocca (571-226-0609) or Carm Caruso (703-403-5890).